What are Noah Bond novels?

Noah Bond novels are adult suspense stories. However, they do not contain swearing, explicit sex or foul language. What does that mean? This is a subjective area. Some folks are offended by everything. If the language in prime time television programs doesn’t offend you, then neither should Noah Bond novels. This is a personal choice on the part of the author, not a quest or marketing tactic.

To date four Noah Bond novels have been adapted to screenplays.

Novels by Noah Bond

Holler Gals Backwoods Hollywood. A story of three young wives in a small town who make a radical plan to keep their husbands away from the local tavern in particular and loose women in general. It is a contingency plan which is suddenly triggered. The amazing unforeseen results of this scheme provide the plot.

His Majesty’s Posse. The man called Six works for an organization that has no name. It doesn’t exist officially. A man he calls Beyond gives him assignments to carry out. They involve disappearing persons deemed dangerous with extreme prejudice. His new assignment surprises him in a way that leads him into the center of a mutiny in the ranks of the organization.

The Devil’s Astronaut. The Devil’s Astronaut describes the discoveries that cause a lone female Astronaut to be sent to the Moon in secret. And the events there that will alter the course of humanity. It’s a science-fiction mystery set in the present.

Nekkid Lake. Secluded Necklan’s Lake is where the Senior Class goes to party after the prom. Tradition calls for skinny dipping in the frigid waters, after drinking enough to build up the courage. There’s beer, a bonfire, loud music, brief nudity, and in 2014, the Seniors vanish. Three years later, a forensic science intern is assigned the cold case by the local Sheriff. But the case is not as cold as it seemed. The same deadly forces are still present – waiting to be unleashed. A Gothic mystery.

All the Targets. After the West Coast suffers a nuclear attack, a new President is elected. His secret mission to resolve the root problem of terrorism is thwarted – by mistake. Top U.S. officials become hostages. A gang from New Jersey attempts to remove the North Korean leader. An attempted airline hijacking over France leads to arson and death in Sweden. The CIA ends up fighting itself. And the White House struggles to keep up. It’s international intrigue with a twist.

The Lost Testimony of Bones LeBeau, published in September, 2010, follows a young girl from the back bayous of Louisiana to New Orleans, where she goes to work for the wrong people without knowing it. By the time she grasps the truth, she is ensnared in the greatest crime of the century. Through her eyes, the incredible events of the 1960’s become comprehensible, the players revealed. Prepare to be stunned.

The Doorstep of Depravity, a tale of lawyers, heirs, greed, deceit, lust and death, published in 2005, relates the bizarre experience of a young solo attorney whose new client is not what she appears to be. When negotiations over her uncle’s large estate fail to produce results, the other heirs start dying. Money vanishes. Then the unthinkable happens.

NOMAD/Y The Moon Base Project, published in1999, relates the events which uncover a secret base on the Moon established during the Apollo Program. GAO auditors and Russian scientists pool their knowledge at the dawn of glasnost to discover the amazing truth. What follows will haunt you.