Nekkid Lake

book-thumb-nekkid-lakeINDIEFAB-logoNEKKID LAKE a Gothic mystery. Secluded Necklan’s Lake is where the Senior Class goes to party after the prom. Tradition calls for skinny dipping in the frigid waters, after drinking enough to build up the courage. There’s beer, a bonfire, loud music, brief nudity, and sometimes – terror and death.

The Senior Class of 2014 has disappeared without a trace in the night, except for one traumatized survivor who has no memory of the night. The newspaper refers to it as the “Necklan’s Lake Massacre.” Three years later, the young forensic science intern from Dartmouth is assigned the cold case by the local Sheriff of the county in the Vermont north woods. It seems like a good idea at the time. But he has underestimated her resourcefulness and determination. To his surprise, she discovers previously hidden forces were in play and a link to a previous group disappearance. As she closes in, the conditions that spawned the massacre coalesce again.

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4 Star Review

When forensic science undergrad Tess Chandler arrives at Cobbler’s Knob to begin her internship at the Sheriff’s Office, she does not expect much from the sleepy town. Tess is assigned a cold case to keep her busy. The case, dubbed The Necklan’s Lake Massacre, involves the mysterious disappearance of fourteen high school Seniors on the night of their Senior Prom while out partying at Necklan’s Lake.

Tess’s investigation into the case only leads to more questions than answers as none of the forensic evidence makes sense. The only survivor has no memory of what happened, and something significant and vital is missing. Thinking outside the box, Tess tries to familiarize herself with the town’s history and myths about paranormal creatures of the night. When she stumbles on a possible Department of Defense involvement, the gravity of what happened that night becomes all too real. As Tess seeks a resolution to this truly baffling case, the forces that caused the massacre are converging yet again. Will she get to the bottom of The Necklan’s Lake Massacre before history repeats itself?

Nekkid Lake is a highly suspenseful Gothic mystery by Noah Bond. The compelling writing pulls you in from the start, with a pace that builds in momentum as the story progresses. The character development was remarkable. Each character had a unique quality that made them stand out as relatable and memorable individuals. The dialogue felt natural and was often refreshingly witty. I think I enjoyed the banter most of all.

I found Tess to be an ingenious young woman, whose dogged determination – while almost getting her killed – helped to solve the mystery of The Necklan’s Lake Massacre. Despite being new to law enforcement, her patience, her savvy and willingness to learn made her an exceptional Deputy. Tess was brilliant, but she never assumed to know better than the experienced Sheriff. The Sheriff, on his part, recognized and appreciated his whip-smart intern. I was glad to see that the author highlighted Tess’s charming personality and resourcefulness and how she wielded these to her advantage to solve the case. She also drove a Harley, which I thought was cool.

I could not find anything to dislike. There were some minimal editing errors, but not enough to detract from the quality of the book. Nekkid Lake was a fascinating work of fiction with thrilling twists and turns that kept me wanting more. As much as I could not wait to see how the mystery would unravel, I was sad to see the story end. I gladly rate Nekkid Lake 4 out of 4 stars. Fans of Gothic fiction will find this book an enthralling and enjoyable read.

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