Holler Gals

Holler Gals a novel by Noah BondHOLLER GALS Backwoods to Hollywood is the story of three young wives in a small town who make a radical plan to keep their husbands away from the local tavern in particular and loose women in general. It is a contingency plan which is suddenly triggered. The amazing unforeseen results of this scheme provide the plot. NOTE: This novel contains no swearing or explicit sex; however, it is not for the prudish.

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4 Star Review

Rachel, Jessie, and Arnalie live in Coal Springs, West Virginia, with their respective husbands, Vern, Lee, and Frank. The wives build a clubhouse in Amalie’s barn to hang out and exercise. The three husbands frequently visit the tavern, especially on Friday nights. When a bartender performed a topless dance at the tavern, the wives planned a strategy to ensure that their husbands didn’t stare at any other lady but them. It all started with going to different roadhouses and competing in a topless contest. The many events that emerge as the story progresses will leave you speechless. For further information, read Noah Bond’s Holler Gals: Backwoods to Hollywood.

I have to admit that the first chapter’s introduction didn’t particularly grab my attention. I didn’t find the story’s opening to have much of a hook. To comprehend what the narrator was saying, I had to keep reading the first page. I thought the second page was better than the first since the narrator started to speak in a more individualized manner. I adore how the book evolved from a history lesson on coal mining in Coal Springs to a chat about the narrator’s life. That allowed me to make the much-needed adjustment and finally, relaxed enough to enjoy the book.

As the story developed, I learned more about Arnaile, Jessie, and Rachel, the three women who make up the “holler gals.” I adore how unique the personalities of each of these individuals were. But Rachel is the one figure I started to like. I admire Rachel most for her rational thinking and ability to understand everything. On pages 16 and 17 of 336, Rachel makes a statement work quoting: “I was developing this theory that where you lived was not so important if you were comfortable and could afford to travel frequently.”

One of the rare books in which a wealthy family man falls in love chastely is this one. Vernon Hopkins and Rachel’s situation was an example of this. Through the first description of his love for his wife, I could sense the emotion. I adore how they both complemented one another and were successful in being the kind of people they each desired to be.

The book’s numerous chapters were the only thing that discouraged me. I was wondering why the author chose to divide the story into more than one hundred chapters while I read this book from cover to cover. I am aware that the author wanted to tell the story from each character’s point of view in their chapter, but I believe it would have been better if this had been done sparingly.

Furthermore, I found no errors in this book, which shows it was exceptionally edited. As a result of my dissatisfaction with this work, I rate Holler Gals: Backwoods to Hollywood 4 out of 5 stars.

Because of the kinds of scenarios this book contains, I recommend it to anyone interested in reading about attaining goals and daring to be unique.

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