All The Targets

book-thumb-all-the-targetsALL THE TARGETS. Marco Redondo, United States Senator from Texas, watches the red lines snake relentlessly across the lighted screen at Cheyenne Mountain. They represent impending death and destruction for the West Coast, but he doesn’t know that yet. Then he gets a call . . .

In East Jerusalem, a would-be terrorist plots to bomb a car from the American Embassy, but finds himself out of his depth when it doesn’t go exactly as planned. A prominent U.S. official is assassinated before television cameras – twice. A girl named Jung plays rock ‘n roll to get next to the leader of North Korea. An agent assigned to be a double for an absent official finds herself bound to a Celtic sacrificial altar.

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All the Targets, by Noah Bond, is a novel packed with action from the very beginning, with a North Korean nuclear attack that obliterates San Francisco and severely damages most of the West Coast. The story revolves around America’s retaliation, which is spearheaded by Marco Patrick Redondo – the book’s handsome and charismatic protagonist. He is an ambitious Texan senator who was “born to a life of privilege,” son of a Canadian mother and a Mexican father. Marco’s political ambitions and charming personality soon make him vice president and then president of the United States.

To handle the aftermath of the nuclear attack on America, Marco relies on the invaluable cooperation of his talented wife Meghan and his dubious father-in-law. The plot thickens as an attractive female agent joins the operation. Together they implement measures that involve a complicated plan, dangerous trips abroad, agents pretending to be the President and the First Lady, a kidnapping, and an assassination attempt. But no spoilers are allowed!

As the narrative unfolds, several questions of true identities and loyalties come up, as is often the case in good political thrillers. The surprising plot twists were engaging and kept me hooked – a noteworthy positive point. The mysteries and nuances of the clandestine operations carried out during the story captured my imagination. I particularly liked how the action takes place in different settings, spanning several cities and countries. The author is a meticulous storyteller, and the book seems well researched, with vivid and detailed descriptions of the deceptive world of international politics.

This novel is at once a political thriller and an espionage story with a touch of romance. Even though it occasionally pushes the boundaries of believability, it does provide great entertainment.

Lastly, I rate the book 3 out of 4 stars. Overall, I thought it was a fun book to read. I am taking a star away because the romance passages felt a little stereotyped to me. {Author’s Note: There are no romance passages.} The editing seemed clean and professional, with no outstanding errors to point out. I would recommend this novel to readers fond of fast-paced political thrillers and espionage stories.



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